We care about the development and growth of children and young people, we pursue it by proposing formative experiences focused on motor and sports activity, alongside families, schools, and institutions.

  • Perchè

    ML Camp is a multi-language SummerCamp. It is based on non-formal educational activities carried out by the mother-tongue mediators / educators as well as facilitated integration and socialization among children of different origins. This is an educational proposal supported by the European Union, which will involve the involvement of the selected educational resources of the L´Orma.

  • Target

    Our proposal is aimed at children of all origins. These will have the opportunity to make use of developing their interpersonal skills and knowledge of the Italian language and of the other different languages present. In this way children will be able to approach different cultures through games and workshops with the aim of stimulating interest, cooperation and integration by experiencing a multicultural environment.


The purpose is to provide an educational service in the city for the target foreign families with children, and to provide the community of “ foreign Milanesi” a proposal of thickness and a reference not to be isolated, taking advantage of tailor-made language services. 


The 2018 Summer Camps will, therefore, be designed and provided with the presence of educators, who will work in five different languages in addition to Italian: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The activity will involve the involvement of selected professional resources among other tongue educators, who will be trained in accordance with the educational system of the L’Orma.


In this way, we intend to use the method and educational tools of L’Orma as “bridges” for the participation and growth of minors of all origins, helping to promote the ‘integration, intercultural comparison and the promotion of ideas of tolerance and respect between people of different backgrounds. 


With this in mind, the specific objective is therefore to host educators and educational operators coming from abroad (also through the European Voluntary Service), with the the purpose of transmitting and sharing the pedagogical device of L’Orma, and of experimenting with a form of transfer of “learning by doing” skills, through their involvement in the realization of summer camps in the ten weeks between mid-June and the end in July and the two weeks between August and September 2018.