Ten easy ways to keep kids eating healthy when you travel

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When you’re on holidays and you are out of home, here’s how to make sure your kids eat safe, healthy food.

1. Keep the routine as close as possible to what you’d do on a regular day.

2. Pick snacks that have a long shelf life, are less messy, non-perishable and nutritious — roasted chickpeas, or trail mix, for instance.

3. Avoid experimenting with new foods — you never know what your child is allergic to.

4. Stick to bottled mineral water and avoid fruit juices or milkshakes from places that you’re not sure of.

5. Stay away from anything with artificial coloring or flavoring, as children are more prone to infection while traveling, because their immune system may be low for a variety of reasons (lack of sleep, exhaustion, for instance).

6. Skip raw foods (pre-cut fruits, yogurt, mayonnaise) for young children, as these could be riddled with bacteria.

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