The project provides the implementation of a “multi-language” campus for children and teenagers (Italians and foreigners) in Milan for the summer of 2018.


The initiative is an activity of innovation and social inclusion to encourage the reception of children and foreign families in Milan, encouraging an understanding of the habits and customs of the Milanese reality and of those foreign in Milan and to stimulate Italian children to know the various communities and to appreciate the value of diversity.

The educational staff of Italian and mother tongue educators will facilitate the integration of children in the proposed training context, based on sport, on non-formal education and experiential training.

Alongside the more strictly motor activity, many expressive activities (music, musical, theater), are performed educational activities and activities aimed at relational education, including diversity education (multiculturalism, inclusion of boys with motor and neuromotor discomfort, etc …).

The teaching strategies, proposed with a clinical and systemic approach, want to stimulate some skills necessary to be able to live in a complex society. The skills to be developed are:


  • the development of all forms of communication and reception of messages  to promote openness favored by the multilingual approach and the value of intercultural as wealth; 
  • learning uncertainty  to learn how to solve problems and live with the “reality principle”; 
  • attention and listening  to be connected to the “system” of today’s life; 
  • experience through “ learning by doing” necessary to face the problems that characterize the life of every individual. 

    The initiative, therefore, is not a simple container of situations, but a real “pedagogical device” that gives meaning and meaning to the proposals that exist “one in function of the other” and are an integral part of a transversality of cognitive, emotional, motor, linguistic and psychological learning; the multidisciplinary nature of the offer also gives the opportunity to compare and elaborate the diversity of each individual experience.