We also (still) migrate

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The word ‘migration’ is often conceived as a one-way phenomenon, in which ‘newcomers’ would be the protagonists.  What is left out of consideration when talking about a country’s demographic change due to immigration, is the ever existing character of migration in human history, or stated differently, our diachronic tendency to ‘move’ towards development and a better quality of life. We can understand this better, just by looking at ourselves.

On the 1st of January 2016, the number of AIRE-registered Italians living abroad was equal to 4.811.000 people. This huge amount of Italian migrants was equal to 7,9% of the 60.665.000 residents in Italy. 50,8% of this Italian migration is accounted to the south of Italy, while 33,8% comes from the north of the country. These ‘Italian newcomers’, have left their country for work and studies.

Another 382.000 elderly Italian people living abroad were counted in 2016. This is slightly an example of migration’s universal character, which shows that timing and circumstances are the factors to define which groups are the ones to ‘migrate’. Because in the end, we all want a better life.  

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