Interculturalism start from us

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Last Friday, the official presentation of our Multilingual Summer Camp, which is scheduled for the summer of 2018, took place at PlayMore Sports Center in Milan!

During the event, the guests were received by our team and received information and ideas about our upcoming intercultural project while tasting our delicious continental breakfast. After that, our project manager, Daniele Bettini, gave an official presentation of our new summer camp’s program and the ideology and goals behind it.

The morning was energized by the famous Greek dance “sirtaki”, in which our guests were more than delighted to participate! Members of the design world, the media, associations, and schools were welcome to attend the event, while we were more than happy to receive the representatives of several consulates in Milan, like the ones from Egypt, Bangladesh, and the Dominican Republic.

This beautiful intercultural encounter embodied the perfect reflection of our summer camp’s intercultural character. It was a very fun morning, that we hope to repeat again!

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